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The shopping trend that is taking over the world

What is Liveshopping?

Live shopping is exactly what it sounds like your customers / followers follow you during a live broadcast where you show and talk about your products. Customers order directly during shipment.


What is the benefit of Liveshopping?

The advantage is that customers get a better feeling and experience of your products, you get an opportunity to explain, show and tell. Customers can ask questions directly via the chat to get answers to important questions. The chat function also creates an interaction and a commitment.

Customers also get an opportunity to see the people behind the company.

  • A picture says more than a thousand words, a movie consists of thousands of pictures.


Why should you use professional studio technology?

Filming with your mobile phone or using a 2-camera solution is like comparing apples and pears. Using two cameras, one camera can be focused on the whole picture while the other camera is moving and focuses more on the product and the details around them. With this solution, customers get a completely different impression and feeling.

How can we help?

We come out to you with the technical equipment needed to broadcast the event live, set up in good time and go through the details of how you want to convey your message. We have an audio and video technician on site together with a camera operator. We also bring candles for lighting.

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