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This Hybrid Studio is a collaboration with Stockholmsmässan and is located in their 875 m2 room T1 + 2

With its 3 stages, it can be used as a large studio for pure digital broadcasts or for Hybrid events with audiences both via the web and physically on site.


The studio, like our other studios, supports most of the technologies used for hub events, and can therefore be connected to both ours and many others' studios.


The exhibition centers' T-hall has its own entrance for visitors, and has a direct entrance to the hotel Scandic Talk, which is connected to the exhibition center. The hotel also has a restaurant. There are also large cargo ports for cars or other large products, if you want to make a product launch

The hybrid studio is equipped with all the sound, light and image technology required to carry out a professional event. The technology can be easily adapted and supplemented to suit your particular project.

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