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Small: För de mindre föreningarna.

  • Equipment for live broadcast of the meeting.

  • Platform and app voting with BankId.

  • We come to you with equipment and a technician is on site throughout the meeting who handles the transmission and counting of votes.

  • What you need: Internet in the room, if there is no internet, you can choose it as an option.

  • Own computer for PowerPoint.

  • Options:

  • Moderator (lawyer)

  • Internet 4G

  • Project management

  • Design of graphics

The brick_sittande_noCrop.png

Medium: För en mer professionell upplevelse.

  • Digital studio for 2-3 people on site.

  • All equipment for digital transmission.

  • Platform and app for voting with BankId.

  • 1 technician on site who handles technology and counts votes.

  • 2 hour project management.

Large: För större bolag och organisationer.

  • Digital studio for 4-5 people or 8-10 people.

  • All equipment for digital transmission.

  • Platform and app. for invitation, summons and counting of votes.

  • 3 technicians on site. Sound, video and zoom technicians.

  • Computers for online participants.

  • 1 dedicated person for counting votes.

  • Producer.

  • Image producer

  • 3 hour project management.  


  • Project management

  • Graphic Arts

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